Insanely Close and Personal With the Brian Jonestown Massacre


I met Katy Newcombe when we were both fifteen. We grew up in the same tiny, dead-end town in South Wales and broke into outdoor swimming pools for fun, both trying our hardest to look the most like Evan Rachel Wood in Thirteen. We shared cigarettes, some extremely questionable ex-boyfriends and a love of Duran Duran. Oh, and she is married to Anton Newcombe, the singer of Brian Jonestown Massacre. NBD.

It is a relentless head-fuck to see her presence lurking within written features about Brian Jonestown Massacre disguised as the words “Anton’s teenage Welsh bride”, “his wife Kate” or something equally dismissive. And it comes close to incomprehensible to think that the girl who spent entire summers necking Vodkat in my parent’s garden currently lives in Berlin with the most memorable (for all the wrong reasons) person in Dig! and their son, Wolfgang, who is approximately 400% cuter than any other child on earth.

Katy has been on the road with Brian Jonestown Massacre since 2008, seeing them through countless world tours and three studio albums. Forever laden with a myriad of film, digital or instant cameras, she has been scrupulously documenting everything as she goes along – an ideal outlet and infinitely more impressive substitute for the photography degree she bailed on to go and live every teenager’s dream and every parent’s nightmare. Over time, she has built up hundreds of unseen shots which, as well as providing a unique portal into the lives of Brian Jonestown Massacre beyond the media-gaze, reveal the story of a girl for whom enough was never enough…

Read the full interview with Katy on Noisey!
& you can check out more of Katy’s superb photography here


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