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Tigers Jaw – Charmer (Review)

“Indefinite hiatus” were the words Tigers Jaw left us with when they announced the departure of several band members including primary vocalist/guitarist Adam McIlwee in March last year, just a few weeks before a string of summer tours was due to kick off. Faced with the frankly heartbreaking prospect of never hearing from the group […]

ATP! Albums of the Year

Albums of the Year lists are about as useful as an IQ test but alas they are a media necessity. Left to my own devices I couldn’t even pick  a favourite sandwich filling, but the two albums I wrote about for this feature are easily two of the most enjoyable commercial releases of 2013. 10. […]

Interview: Matthew Davies-Kreye (Funeral For A Friend)

This doesn’t need much in the way of preface or context, suffice to say that Matt is a top bloke and I am proud to be the adoptive parent to one of his many feline friends. Interview: Matthew Davies-Kreye Funeral For A Friend was born into the South Wales hardcore scene in 2001 and has since […]

Teen Suicide – Goblin Problems (Review)

In an era where the lifespan of a band sometimes doesn’t stretch beyond a handful of EP’s or an understated full-length, it’s become almost a rule of thumb that all the best ones will break up before you’ve had a chance to get properly into them – or worse yet, before they’ve even reached their […]

Albums That Should Be Taken on Tour for Their 10th Birthday’s

I was 13 going on 14 in 2003. I was wearing two belts at a time to make sure my skinny jeans stayed put just under my arse so everybody could see my rad H&M girl boxers, pouring bubbles into the fountain outside City Hall every summer Saturday and getting all my information about music either […]