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2015: A Personal Review

What a time to be alive.

2014: A Personal Review

TLDR; I met Marilyn Manson and didn’t poo myself.

A Side-Note to Fluence

Yesterday, The 405 published an article I wrote that criticised the new music software, Fluence (which allows artists to pay to upload their music to a specific industry person blah blah you can read all about it here). Oliver (Editor of The 405) and myself have been dealing with hella backlash for the last two days that, for […]

Naked Truths: What I’ve Learned About IUD’s

I recently had an IUD (Intrauterine device) fitted and, in accordance with curiosity and demand from pretty much every female I know, I’ve written a shamelessly gross account of the whole thing. This is by no means a cautionary tale. I whole heartedly recommend getting one of these rad badboys, it’s just a pity that you […]

5 Reasons Why I Hate… Valentine’s Day

If something has annoyed me to the extent that I feel I have to take time out of my life to structurally complain about it, it must be truly dreadful. Thus is the premise of the ’5 Reasons Why I Hate…’ series, in which I word-vomit over things I think society should put in the […]