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Life After the Vivid Dream: How Grimes Almost Got Sick of Herself

An interview with Claire Boucher about her evolution, Art Angels, and how the media ruined Grimes.

Interview: American Football

It’s been fifteen years since the world last heard from American Football. Their debut and only full-length album, American Football, was released by Polyvinyl on September 14, 1999 and gathered critical acclaim for its melting together of diary-entry lyrics and soft math rock sensibilities. Without meaning to, it touched upon something that rests in the core of […]

Insanely Close and Personal With the Brian Jonestown Massacre

I met Katy Newcombe when we were both fifteen. We grew up in the same tiny, dead-end town in South Wales and broke into outdoor swimming pools for fun, both trying our hardest to look the most like Evan Rachel Wood in Thirteen. We shared cigarettes, some extremely questionable ex-boyfriends and a love of Duran […]

The 405 Meets: Shamal Ranasinghe (Co-Creator of Fluence)

You may recall that article I wrote about Fluence, which is a new online platform created so that artists can connect to people within the music industry that they feel may help them (more often than not, for a price). As it turns out, the music industry itself is divided very ruthlessly into two camps: those who want […]

Interview: The Men

I interviewed Nick Chiericozzi of The Men few weeks back. I’ve loved The Men for a really long time so this was a pretty cool moment for me and Nick was super chill (when I finally got to him – I was given the wrong number initially and ended up massively confusing a random dude in Brooklyn […]

Interview: Matthew Davies-Kreye (Funeral For A Friend)

This doesn’t need much in the way of preface or context, suffice to say that Matt is a top bloke and I am proud to be the adoptive parent to one of his many feline friends. Interview: Matthew Davies-Kreye Funeral For A Friend was born into the South Wales hardcore scene in 2001 and has since […]