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Glamour UK, August 2015

A feature in the August 2015 issue of Glamour Magazine (UK) talking about bisexuality and all the intrusive, insulting questions bisexual people often get asked.

How To Cope when You’re Dealing with Depression at Work

Why would we rather tell our boss we have chronic diarrhoea than admit we’re suffering from depression?

Being A Bisexual Teenager Made Me Realise Just How Unhelpful The Sex Ed In Schools Is

How are you supposed to come to terms with your sexuality when you’re taught that sex and love can only exist between a man and a woman?

Three European Languages You Didn’t Know Existed

Globalisation and cultural homogenisation mean that many of the world’s languages are in danger of vanishing. UNESCO has identified 150 European languages which it considers are either vulnerable or endangered. We talk to speakers of these lesser-known languages – from Faroese to Pite Saami. 1. Faroese Who speaks it: spoken in the Faroe islands – […]

Elliot Rodger, Rap Genius & Not All Men

The feelings of grief, horror and discomfort that accompany the aftermath of Isla Vista shootings last Friday will be difficult – impossible, for many – to shake. Elliot Rodger, a 22-year old UC Santa Barbara student, stabbed his three flatmates before fatally shooting two more female students, a man inside an IV Deli Mart and […]

An Idiot’s Guide to Someone Else’s Suicide

There’s nothing more voyeuristic or self-indulgent than believing you deserve to know anything about the suicide of a stranger. Yet, here we are, twenty years after Kurt Cobain’s death, still asking why a man who struggled with depression and drug abuse would possibly want to end it all. Like, surely not? Something doesn’t add up. […]

Chart Music 3.0

People that use Twitter mostly to argue about music (everybody): here is some news for you! Last week Twitter and Billboard announced that they will be partnering up to create the Billboard Twitter Real-Time Chart, which will trace the most talked about and shared tracks in real-time as well as over more extended periods. The hope is that it’ll help […]