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POP GRIND #5: What The Hell Happened To Avril Lavigne?

Something very pink and depressing has happened in the form of culture appropriation, and it has come from one of the least likely pop stars. That’s right, Avril Lavigne is back with a video for her new single ‘Hello Kitty’ and it makes me want to cry. I am nowhere near ashamed to admit that, […]

POP GRIND #4: Fully grown adult people need to stop wasting their lives hating on young celebrities

A teenager drove 50 in a 30 zone. A teenager smoked a marijuana cigarette. A teenager said something dumb one time. Outraged? Probably not. Now what if I replaced the worlds “a teenager” with “Justin Bieber”? Outraged? ABSOLUTELY YES WHAT A PIECE OF UNHOLY SHIT DEPORT HIM IMMEDIATELY NO WAIT SHAVE HIS HEAD FIRST THEN […]

POP GRIND #3: Why Lily Allen’s comeback single is the best thing you’ve heard this year

I’ve never been a massive fan of Lily Allen. I find her music generally unexciting (sorry everyone, the cockney ska/pop vibe that blew up around 2008 and produced a hoard of Jamie T’s never really did it for me) plus I’ve always resented her for popularising the tea dress n’ Nike’s combo, which I view […]

POP GRIND #2: Everybody Twerks, Sometimes (An After School Special)

So how about those VMAs, eh? That was rubbish, wasn’t it? What a lifeless orgy of cultural appropriation attended by famous people who have been waiting for an excuse to dress as a triangle, presented by less famous people who are allowed to tell their own jokes providing no one else will find them funny. […]

POP GRIND #1: Drop it like it’s pop

‘Grimes stirs controversy with Boiler Room set’, ‘Grimes trolls the Boiler Room’, ‘WTF IS THIS?!’ – these were the titles of some of the many articles that followed Grimes’ DJ set at Richie Hawtin’s Ibiza party on Wednesday afternoon. Claire Boucher, aka Grimes, aka One Of The Most Important Cultural Figures In Recent Memory, made […]